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Not Too Shabby

I finished the owls which means…time for a totally new project!  
I don’t know if you remember, but lately I’ve been playing with remaking tee-shirts so that they fit me.  It’s really fun but I had trouble figuring out sizing.  To figure that out I went and bought a bunch of giant ugly tee shirts to experiment on.  I knew it was a new way of sewing and I would need a ton of practice so I bought quite a few.  But…surprise surprise…I figured it out by tee-shirt # 3.  Not too shabby.  However, now I have a buncha giant ugly tee shirts.  
Like this one.
So I cut them buggers up.
They look like this until you stretch them out.  Then they look like this:
Thanks for another great idea, Alabama Chanin.

Now there are many things I can make with them.  I choose….jewelry.
But, until then I just want to say that this shirt:

was awesome.
Unfortunately, a really large printed area on a tee shirt doesn’t stretch the way I need it to so I had to throw that part away.  However, I still really enjoyed cutting up the word cancer.
I chopped it up real good.

On an unrelated note, I also fixed Mr. Floppy.  He appreciates it, his face was loose.  Now he can go home to my daughter; she has really missed him.