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On the one hand…

I finished it!!!
Here it is, early into the hand sewing part.  Notice how close together the stitches are.
Much further apart at the end…

This is the very last bit of hand stitching that I did on it.

Back side

I thought that adding the pocket and belt loop would look really cool as part of the binding but was a huge pain to hand sew.  Live and learn.

Done and done.  One the other hand, it’s time to move on to…
Cleaning the craft space.  I didn’t take a before shot.  This is in the middle of the process.
Seven full bins…that are visible…
Here’s what I’m throwing away.
On the other other hand…Let’s not talk about this tucked away corner from my mosaic days.
…or this one….

PS – I know it looks like I found the camera but actually I didn’t.  We had purchased a warranty on the first camera.  You know, those things you pay for, never use and kick yourself for the whole time.  We had a month of the three years left on it when Matt remembered it and so got the camera repaired just in time.

2 thoughts on “On the one hand…

  1. I should clean my space, too, but I’m going to start another knitting project, instead. What possible future neighborhoods are you keeping an interested eye upon?

  2. Hi Mommypie. At 1sr I thought near the Co-op but now we’re thinking about your old neighborhood. Most of the folks we know live there or near there.

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