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Planner Post!

planner cover

Check out  my 2022 planner!


I realized, as I was filming, that it isn’t super interesting to look at.. yet. It takes a year of time together for it to really gain character. Right now, it’s more of an empty slate. I will add more quotes and stickers before 2022 starts and throughout 2022 as well.

Some of the quotes I’ve added so far are:

“How would an artist with any self esteem act? Act that way.” Julia Cameron,

“Passion will get you through times of no technique better than technique will get you through times of no passion.” Bill Brent

“Please make it obvious so I don’t miss it” that one is just me, talking to the universe because I lack the hint taking gene.

“Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects with everything else.” da Vinci. That one is written on a paint swatch and has been used in at least three of my recent planners. 

Obviously, I need more quotes. I’m a sucker for a good quote.

I used to add more page headers and structure (like mind map templates and numbers for lists) but I found myself rebelling against my own systems so I’ve chilled on that.

I used washi tape (all over the place but also) on the edges of the calendar pages to make them easy to find. My collage pieces are from my own painted papers and some bits from the book “The Human Figure In Motion” by Eadweard Muybridge. It was published in 1901 and is an amazing work of, really, just the human figure in motion but it was new tech in it’s time. It’s very early camera work. I lucked out and found a copy for about $ .50 at a thrift shop but then I fell in love with it and bought the cd rom copy – which is already old tech.  Sheesh.

Because my new planner is such an empty slate, I’ve added a very quick flip through of my 2021 planner, which has been around the block a few times. It is also my favorite planner so far:


If you’re looking for planner making inspiration, check your tube. I’m not a bullet journal, organizational systems person but plenty of folks are.

I highly recommend making yourself a planner. It’s incredibly satisfying.


Whaddaya think?

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