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Plenty of Denim Lying Around

I spent yesterday on the latest baby quilt, which has a deadline.  I decided that it was too square-ish.  After putting a border on two sides, I realized that the dimensions were off and it needed to be more rectangular. The plan was to add a panel on one end.
 I had plenty of denim lying around.
So, I made a panel that was about the length of one side.  That’s when I realized that I needed to extend the border (duh) and had very little dark colored denim left.
This is actually the kind of challenge that I love.  I needed to take the little scraps of darker fabric and make an awesome and interesting border out of them  
 This is the improv part of quilting that appeals to me.
I wonder if I will ever be able to make a quilt following a pattern.
I also have to wonder why I ever would?
I don’t really see the appeal of a planned out quilt.
It’s likely that no one will ever notice this little piece of the border, but I had so much fun putting it together.
I’m also really proud of this corner. 
It was close, though.  I did have to cannibalize a square from the other quilt to get enough dark fabric.
Ta da!  Today I plan on buying the backing fabric and getting started on making the sandwich.  It’s actually kind of huge for a baby quilt.  This, I suppose, is the drawback of my lack of planning.

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  1. Just hope for a big baby! No planning is good. I should try it more often.

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