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Potter Fest

What will probably be the last one is coming up on the 29th.

This year, these guys are prizes.
They are all leftovers from different collections.  The rest sold. 

I don’t know why they didn’t sell.  It just happens sometimes.  My guess is that it’s because they were just a little different from the rest of their respective collections.
This guy is awfully cute.  He was a Pendelton coat at one time.  Maybe I should have mixed and matched his colors a bit more, like I did with his buddies.
His vintage button eyes are made of casein, a milk protein that was used more widely before plastic took over.
OK.  This guy I can understand being overlooked.  He’s super wonky and just looks sleepy.  I was experimenting with his eyes and it ended up reading as eye bags.  He used to be overalls.
He was smaller than his comrades but I think he looks awesome.  I love sleeve wings.
Too intense. 
In any case, I hope they’ll be appreciated a bit more as prizes.