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Pretty Dang Awesome Quilt

I totally forgot to show off my linen quilt now that it’s finished!  Every inch of fabric is linen.  It feel amazing and super soft and light as a feather.

Linen Quilt Front


The blue fabric was all dyed with indigo.  It’s from our first couple of times dyeing and we have learned a ton since then.  So it’s splotchy and much lighter than the stuff we dye now.  Still love it, though.

Linen Quilt Back

The back is all from skirts and shirts and thrifted clothing.  I love it so much, it could easily be the front of a quilt I would be proud of.  

Linen Quilt Detail

Here are a few detail pictures.  This is my first tie dyed experiment.  It started as a lavender skirt panel.  Because we use thiox, a dye remover, in our dye vats it has some white to it, too.

Linen Quilt Detail

I did get a titch carried away on the edging as usual.  This is my favorite bit.  I love this combination of colors.

Linen Quilt Detail

This is some of the cool piecing that improvisation quilting can leave you with.  It’s why I love it so much.  It’s interesting and surprising.  Even the worst mistake you can make looks pretty dang awesome. 

On Saturday (November 9th, 2013 for future reference) it’s going to be hung up as part of the Modern Quilt Guild Show at the Sequoya Branch Library in Madison.  I’m going to hang another quilt there too, if there’s room.  I’m just not sure which one.  

2 thoughts on “Pretty Dang Awesome Quilt

  1. Jen, you really hit the sweet spot with this color combination. I find it supremely comforting. And linen is the most amazing fabric, I agree! Love it.

  2. Very cool quilt Jennifer! I love it!

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