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Puzzle Pieces

My daughter dropped the camera on the floor last night and now it works – kinda.  It’s still held together by a rubber band from a bunch of asparagus and it thinks it needs a new battery all the time BUT I was able to get a picture of the OCD quilt.  It’s all denim from jeans.  I put it together like a puzzle and now I have to sew it so that we regain the use of our dining room table.  This means I’m still procrastinating on my couch but at least I’m using some denim, right?

 I realize that this isn’t really like a Japanese Boro Quilt – mine aren’t really random enough – but those quilts are so amazing that I am going to add some links to some pictures.  They just blow me away.  I’ve heard that what collectors tend to show are the back sides of the quilt.  I can see why.

Harvey Antiques – Check out those prices.
Reference Library – Shows the front and back.