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Queen of Corners

I’m soooooo close.  I attached the binding last night.  I had to stop though because of the corners.
I am not the Queen of Corners.
It’s this double binding thing that I did for the first time on my last quilt.  I never looked into a better way to make corners – which I totally have down on the other way to make binding.  So, today my royal responsibility is to figure it out. 
I hope to have a finished quilt to show you tomorrow.  

2 thoughts on “Queen of Corners

  1. That is a really cool binding. I hope you’re able to find a good tutorial for your corners so you can get it finished.

    1. Thanks Michelle,
      And thanks for mentioning tutes; while I’m aware of how many there are, I never think of looking. This time I looked around. I think the problem is that all the quilts in tutorials are for tidy quilting cotton quilts and not for wild, chaotic recycled fabric quilts. I did find some helpful hints, though. Pictures tomorrow. 🙂

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