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Randomly Diagonal

Almost done stitching.  I picked off white thread to quilt the layers together.  I know, kinda boring.  I did stop by Ben Franklin today to pick up some purples that match the purples in the quilt.  I plan on just stitching a line or two in purple.
I didn’t want to stitch it horizontally and vertically because I thought it would look stupid with the strong verticals on the backing so I went -surprise! surprise!- randomly diagonal.
Sorry these pictures kinda stink.  It’s the lighting in the basement, I think.  
 I’ve made some pretty good progress.  After a couple more lines of stitching across the quilt, I’ll have just the edging to go.
I hope to deliver it on Thursday.  I will post pictures of it when it’s completed. 

4 thoughts on “Randomly Diagonal

  1. Sometimes, baby things need to go outside the box and be durable and not cutesy-because-it’s-for-a-baby, you know? So kudos to you for thinking and venturing outside the box!

  2. I think it’s pretty darn cool. Like you said yesterday, maybe not really a baby blanket but I would totally use it as an everyday playtime blanket.

  3. Wow, there’s a lot of ‘man hours’ of handy work in that quilt! I hope the recipient cherishes it!

  4. Thanks all. I’m going a little nuts right now because I’m so close to being finished but I had to take my kid somewhere. That’s when you know you’ve got it bad!

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