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Something Blue

I had such a fun morning dyeing with brides to be Denise and Janny.  It was a custom dye job but they did the dyeing.  I just did the constant obsessive chatter about indigo.


Here’s the before picture.  It’s a white linen skirt now…but not for long.


Into the vat to get green (bonus photo bomb by Brad the chicken)


Janny and Denise worked together because we are all suckers for romance.


Hard to tell from the shady picture but we’re watching it turn from green to blue.


They were very happy with the results.  It’s super dark but will lighten up a couple of shades in the wash and will walk down the aisle in a couple of weeks.




2 thoughts on “Something Blue

  1. This is so fun. Hey, I really like your banner and your ‘handle’: Creativity Instigator. It fits you perfectly. And I even like the font, even though I usually really dislike highly stylized fonts. Lookin’ good.

  2. What a fun project and get the traditional “something blue” for their wedding day!

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