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Why must everything that dyes something else STINK SO BAD?  For black beans, it’s the mordant.  It’s a mix of alum and washing soda in hot water.  

I followed  the advice I learned from A Honeymooners Guide to Living for amounts…sort of.  

I should probably say I started to follow it; I measured my fabric, pulled out my calculator and figured out how much alum and washing soda to use.  Then I realized that I don’t have a measuring spoon to dedicate to dyeing so I eyeballed it.  I just threw some of each in.  I just gotta be me. 

Now I wait…

……I’m not very good at waiting so expect me to dye before I should.  The fabric is supposed to soak in the mordant for three days but the beans are starting to bubble and smell like,,,science.  

The mordant still outstinks the beans.  I think I need a glass of wine to wash it all away.  

4 thoughts on “STINK!

  1. Three whole days?! I think that would drive me batty lol.

    1. I just googled around and found some directions that recommended soaking overnight so I’m following those!

  2. Ah man, I came here from a pin thinking I would find an old post. Now I have to WAIT for your results… EEEEEEE Should I run out and buy black beans? Did it turn out purple? Blue? Brown? Gray? Did you die from the stink? SO MANY QUESTIONS!


    1. HA! Watch this space! I just took the next step.

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