Doodle on Fabric: Wax batik and indigo dye

Learn to make pattern and design using soy wax as a resist on your fabric, then dye in the indigo vat.

We will doodle and print on fabric with non-toxic soy wax to make quilting fabric ready for you to make your one of a kind quilt.

Soda ash treated fabric available for purchase at the shop for use in class.

Wax and all other tools are provided.

You’ll dye your patterned fabric in a magical indigo dye vat. Dress in clothes (and shoes!) that can be stained blue.

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Two Days Of Early Bird!

TWO DAYS LEFT!! For Deep Into Indigo Retreat Early Bird Pricing. Come and play with us. You’ll learn how to dye with indigo, shibori and batik as well as just have fun and chill with creative women.

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Handmade Bunting

I sewed a nine foot long bunting!

Hand sewn bunting

It was quick and fun to sew!


Plus I got to use all these cool and colorful fabrics that I bought in very small amounts when I first started sewing.

Rusted Thread

Buntings are so versatile and surprisingly quick to make.  I see lots more in my future.  Can’t you just see a fabulous indigo cotton bunting?

Hand sewn Bunting

It’s for Miranda Beyer!  Go to her blog to check out her photos and hopefully one day, you’ll see this bunting in the background.

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It’s awesome. Oops.

First, the results of the avocado dyed pieces.


On the right, a dish towel that was in the dye bath for 24 hours.  On the left. a cotton napkin that was in for 48 hours.  The color  on the napkin is darker but also very uneven and I am not thrilled with it.  You can kind of see the darker part along the top.  And the silk scarf, up above them both, was in until the water got nasty – maybe three days-ish.  It’s “meh”.  But it was when I bought it, too.  I just wanted to play with silk.  I have a pile of avocado skins and pits growing in my freezer because, although it’s very light, the pink is really lovely on the 24 hour piece.  I want to do more!


In the meantime, this quilt needs a backing.  I decided to go all linen for this quilt.  I’ve never done that before but I can just imagine how delightful it would feel to be wrapped up in it.  I  thought it would be fun to piece the back, too.  Another first.  Big beige pieces, though, because I want the blue side to be the star.


I really screwed up on this one.  Because crazy piecing fabric together is one of my favorite things to do, it’s neither made of large pieces nor less interesting than the blue side.


It’s awesome.  Oops.


I had to force myself to keep these big and plain.


It goes way faster but is it worth it?  The next challenge will be to find a way to enjoy sewing them all up and not going overboard.