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Logic Is So Overrated.

Look how tidy!  I just had to brag a little bit
I did empty this  – two glasses worth – and today my stomach is mad at me.
I found this which I had totally forgotten about.  It was a learning piece from Subversive Crossstitch.  
I also added a doorknob to this cheap little dresser I picked up.  It was missing a drawer pull. I have plans to paint it at some point.
Look, I made an unintentional face.
So now I can move on to some of the million and seven things I want to work on.   I started to work on the journal idea I’m all excited about.  
I cut out the guts of this book.  It’s the perfect size for pages that are folded in half regular paper.
I want to add some regular printer paper, pretty paper, some cool looking pages and some random inspiring quotes and bind it all in there. I’m stuck at the quotes part. I know how I want them to look but I think the idea needs to marinate a little bit before I make my quote pages.  I do have a collection of quotes in two separate Pinterest boards with content that overlaps quite a bit.  
Logic is so overrated.  
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Halfway and counting down…

I’m calling this the halfway point.  I emptied the shelves and put lots of stuff into bins.  We’ll be moving these shelves into the next room and then putting in some way deeper shelves.
Gotta find a sunny spot for my table.  It all looks so spare and tidy now 
But this is only some of what I have to put back in an orderly fashion.  
Actually, I’m going to cal it the thirdway point.
There’s more here.  The quarterway point is starting to feel right.  I’d better get up and get moving.  
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Still here Update

I know.  No posts for a month and then two in a day.  What could I be thinking?  
Look at all that floor.  And, look! A table top that hasn’t been seen for months and months. 
I’m just so proud of myself.  It’s not done by a long shot but it’s so much better.  Now I know that I have way too much linen and have to make something out of it really soon.  Also I have lots of awesome IKEA print fabrics that I completely forget about.
We got the giant cork board up and hubs is busy hanging art still; check out what he did with my denim quilt back there is the guest/game/workout/storage room.
I got rid of lots of wool and some pretty linen clothing that I was going to cut up but then I decided against it.  So…whaddaya all say to a crap craft swap? 
The going away pile.
I think I’ll ask if Sector67 is willing to host one. Would you (local folks) come?
I might even give away some of my baskets – I haven’t used them in forever.  I do love me some baskets.
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Rated R for content

Fair warning about the links in the post’s title.

I have cleaned up my craft space so well that I can’t make anything.  The yarn is in a big bin with bins of fabric on top of it.

It’s so tidy that it’s intimidating. 

I needed something portable* to do.  
It was this book and then this web site that led to this flickr photo set and that led me to cross sitich.
And I am pretty bad at it.  I made the two smaller ones for the kids and didn’t even realize that I was doing it wrong.  I had space between each stitch and it just didn’t register that mine didn’t look like the ones in the book.

I then made several that got thrown out because I thought you could make it up as you go along.  You can’t.  It’s math-y.

Then I found a free program online to design patterns.  Now I’m hooked.  It’s the cheapest crafty hobby I’ve ever had and it’s pretty brainless once you get going. 

I threw them in the frames really quickly and I need to press them and then re frame them but I was so happy when they were done.  I love the really sassy ones but the fact is, though they make me laugh, I don’t want to see them on my walls every day.  So I’m stuck with the sassy-ish ones for a while.
Just till my kids grow up and move out.

Some of the work posted on flickr is really inspired.

Hopefully the house sells quickly so I can go back to making colossal messes.  One and a half weeks to the open house!
*Yes, I know that knitting is portable.  But I have this one huge project to finish that I have some sort of crazy person block on so I can’t start anything else until I finish the big unfinishable project and yes that makes sense if you aren’t really thinking at all.