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Ta Da!

Door Table done

I made a table out of a door!  Woohoo!  It’s been sitting n my garage awaiting my attention for months.

Table from a door

We cut about 8 inches off of the bottom of the door.  It had a kick plate on it that was kind of nasty.  Also, it was too long for our dining room area so chopping it down was the way to go.  I painted the cut edge that green.  Because…green.  I don’t know why, I guess I liked it with the cherry color of the door.  Also, I love green.

Those pretty legs are from an old table that I took apart.  It had a damaged top .  Aren’t they shapely?

Door Table Brass hinges

Also, my husband asked me to take  hinges off.  At first I didn’t want to because they are charming and quirky but he wisely pointed out that they were also sticking up out of a table and we would probably hurt ourselves on them.  Excellent point.  Off they came.  Now I have cute brass hinges to play with.  I wonder what they will want to be.

Door Table doorknob

I left these as is.  There are two.

Door Table

Yay!  I broke it in with a bowl of coconut milk ice cream.

I realize that I love to make things into things they were not originally intended to be.  I recommend it highly.