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May (the month of awesomeness) Giveaway! Has Ended!!

Our winner was Lisa Genson!  Congrats Lisa!


It’s my birthday month but it’s also mother’s day month – which is almost as important – so in honor of these two monumental events, I’m giving away a set of two Queen Sized Cotton Sateen Indigo Dyed (natch) pillow cases.

The Giveaway has ended but feel free to do any of these things.  You won’t win anything but I’ll really appreciate it!
Do these things once:
1- Join my Email List if you haven’t already
2- Join my Facebook Page if you haven’t already
3- Follow me on Instagram if you don’t already
Do these things up to once a day:
4- Share my Facebook page – Use #DeepIntoIndigo
5- Share the Deep Into Indigo Retreat Facebook Event on Facebook  – Use #DeepIntoIndigo
6- Tag a friend on my Instagram Page using that awesome hashtag: #DeepIntoIndigo

Of course there’s a Terms and Conditions Clause.  You best read it.

Please share this with your friends and mild acquaintances.

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Shawl Giveaway Winner!!!


Wooohoooo! Here’s the ever lovely Rebecca Bernstein modeling the hand dyed shawl she won!!




Running a giveaway was super fun.  Imma do another in the spring!  Thanks to everyone who played along!  And HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!

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December Rocks!

December is going to be super busy and awesome this year! w00t!!  Check out my Events Page, it’s chock full o’ awesome!!

First off, I have been invited to sell some of my indigo items in a trunk show this coming weekend, December 5th and 6th at the Hillcrest Handmade Bazaar Sale.

Hillcest postcard December Sale

It should be way fun, there will be quite a few artists there and I plan on doing lots of Christmas shopping there myself.

On December 6th (that’s a Sunday and the second day of the sale) I’m going to give a FREE talk at Paradigm Gardens about (wait for it….) Indigo!

I’ll also demo dyeing for anyone who want to see what a super and amazing process it is and (painlessly) learn a titch of history and chemistry.

I’ll have a fresh new vat there, which is excellent because the very next Sunday – which is the 13th of December – I’m teaching a Dip Into Indigo class there from 1 – 4. It’s the perfect chance for you to MAKE Christmas gifts for people.

November Sale - some stuff left for December

Here’s my booth from the Art in the Wright Place sale I did last weekend.

It’s going to be a freaking awesome month! There’s even more happening that isn’t indigo related.  There’s a Fearless Crafter’s Program at the Monona Library on December 16th. Guest Artist Linda Orr will be leading us through making a fabric collage calendar.

Also at the library on Sunday, December 20th, I’m leading a community mending day. It’s happening every third Sunday. We will mending clothes and drinking coffee from 2 – 4.

Back to indigo, I want to thank everybody for keeping me so busy doing fun stuff so I’m hosting a give away in December! Woohoo!!!  Watch this space for details.


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The Rabbit Hole of Binding Books!


I have fallen down the rabbit hole of binding books!  I love it and want only to make books!  



recently (last night) gifted two books to friends as part of that Handmade 2013 Challenge that was floating around on Facebook.  I used an old book cover…




…and I bound it using a Coptic stitch.  I love the Coptic stitch because not only is it pretty, but it allows the book to lie flat when it’s open.  




And I used found papers.  It totally, as one of my friends pointed out to me last night, justifies my hoarding tendencies because I had so many to choose from.  No, the book isn’t upside down here, Pinocchio’s picture is.


Inside the book


I added a wine bag to act as a pocket on one page and a pull out on the other.  These books are great for taking notes or doodling pictures.



Their variety is intended to be inspiring for either pursuit.



Here’s the other book.  I used Bingo cards as covers.




This pretty paper that was really hard not to rip when I was binding the book.  I don’t know if I’ll use it again.




The pages I made from old books are mostly from books that were bound for the recycling bin, so I like to think I gave them one last gasp of life.






The folded page is a little tuck in pocket.  I just folded over the paper and taped it at the bottom.




I’ve given myself a “One Book a Day” goal since I’ll be teaching this as a class in January.  It’s an easy goal to reach because they are so satisfying to make.  I’ll stop, I guess, when I feel like I’ve got it down.  Or I run out of paper – Hahahahahaha…never gonna happen.





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We have a winner the second

The winner is…Anonymous!  That’s right.  But she emailed me and I know who she really is.  
I think I’ll also wait on having another give away until there’s some sort of blog hop dealy that I can join in on again.  That seems to work better.  I will have more though.  I have big scary plans to clean my space.  I’m sure to find lots of stuff that needs to travel on to greener pastures.

I’ve cleaned it before but I’m hoping this time I’ll be able to keep it tidier.  Gotta buy a buncha plastic bins.  They fix everything.
I finished the owls last night, too.  
I stuffed them with wool.  I really prefer it to cotton or poly fill because dust mites do not like wool.  I do not like dust mites so that all works out in the end.
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That’s How Cute

You never can tell with with critters.
Will they be cute?  They might be kinda cute.  I haven’t made any critters for months…over a year!  
The thing is that you have to turn them inside out and sew around their edges which is a serious leap of faith.  Let’s just say that it does not always end well, especially when one is out of practice.
But it so did this time.  How cute is that?  Seriously cute, that’s how cute.
AHHH!!  That’s darling.
That one worked really well, too.
Is it too weird to pinch the cheeks of a halfway made stuffed animal?  Oh, wait…yes…it is.  It’s too weird so I won’t do that.  
But I love my little parliament!  
All I have left to do is stuff them and then they’ll be ready for the world.  
And a quick reminder:  Want to join in my purse give away?  
I know, you’ve been waiting for the last minute (Why, by the way, what’s the point?).  Anyway, the last minute is here.  Tomorrow I’ll announce the winner of my latest (And last, for a while) give away. 
Just go here and leave me a comment and let me know how to reach you if you win.  
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The Odds Are In Your Favor!!!

I finished and washed the latest baby quilt.  If I were a different person, I would feel guilty about how much more promptly I dealt with that particular load of laundry compared to my usual laundry response time.  
I think the corners held up well.  I’m as happy with them as I can be.
I didn’t add any additional stitching to the border.  I often consider doing it but I never have.
Once the border is on, I’m done.  It’s like the period at the end of the sentence.  There’s no going back.
I tried to get pictures of my stitching but it was tough.  I’m really happy with it.  
These were the best pictures.  You’ll just have to take my word for it:  The stitching is cool.
My second give away is still going on.  I’ve had one comment.  Maybe it’s because I said people had to post an ego boosting comment.  I was kidding.  I’ll take that part out, I guess.  Sheesh… lighten up folks!
For my first give away I joined a blog hop thing that’s over now.  It really boosted the number of comments.  I guess people don’t need a new purse.
Go check out that give away.  The odds are in your favor!!!
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Draaammmaaa + Give Away the Second!!!!!!!

This give away is closed!  No more entries will be accepted!  

Winner is announced here.

Continuing my draaammmaaa from yesterday.  I cut the seam allowances down as close as I could without panicking.  It always makes me nervous to cut close to a seam.  Sewing the binding went pretty well and I really like the way the binding looks on the edges.

See.  It’s a nice, narrow binding and I LOVE those colors together.  Love them.  
BUT the corners.  UGH.  Hate them.   
Truth be told, there was no chance of me ripping the binding out and starting over because the linen is very un-ravelly.  It couldn’t have stood up to it.  I was afraid of damaging the orange fabric.  That would have been a tragesty.  
The corners, however. are tragesties.  I should have done my research.  I needed a different corner technique to go with my different binding technique.  They were all donkey eared.  So I cut and resewed them and they are messy as hell.
See the second one down?  I didn’t resew that because the donkey ear was small but the other three corners were hugely awful and actually look better resewn than they did at first.  Sigh.  I’m washing it now in the hopes that, if the wash is going to cause corner problems, I can fix them before gifting it.  My husband said it just makes the quilt look more handmade.  He is a very nice man.
Onward and Upward to Give Away the Second!
Here we have a slouchy hobo bag that I made out of bark cloth!  The floral cloth pattern is perfect for a spring and summer bag.  It has two large pockets on either end (excellent for cell phones and keys) and an adjustable strap upcycled from a store bought purse.
The inside used to be a linen skirt and has a button closure pocket on one side.
To enter this give away, just write a comment and that is all.  The give away will end on Thursday March 21st at some point and the winner will be announced before that midnight.  
I will need to be able to contact you but you shouldn’t have to post your email address to the world if you have the kind of account that lets me just click on your name and then be able to reach you.  If you aren’t sure, you can always click on my name and send me your email.  
Thanks for stopping by and best of luck.  Hopefully the next picture I post of that baby quilt will be happy.  At least happy-ish.
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We have a winner!

It’s yet another Jennifer! (Not me obviously, there are plenty of us around)  Jennifer Gail from the blog Hoodies and Flip Flops.  You should go over there and check out her yo-yos, they’re fabulous.
It was so fun to have everyone visit and I’ve decided to have another give away.  I’ll post it here tomorrow.  It’s another hand made thing; this one is made out of bark cloth.  (eyebrows waggling).
That just leaves this baby quilt to finish today.  Well, I shouldn’t say it like the baby quilt is all that’s left for me to do.  I have, like, 20 things underway, but, you know, this is what I need to finish next…anyway…
I’ve decided to try an exciting new and kinda nerve-wracking way to bind it.  
I made a line of dark green stitches around the border.  But I think it’s still a little boring on the border.
I wonder if it’s OK to add more stitching after the binding is attached   I’m often tempted but somehow it always seems like a bad idea.  I may try this time if the border still looks boring after the binding is on.  But, this is just me rambling on to avoid my binding drama.  That’s right, there’s drama today.
I made the binding by cutting up a light green linen shirt into two inch wide strips and then sewing the strips into one long continuous strip. 
When I was visiting family in Phoenix, my cousin showed me how she binds quilts and it looks so much better than my way so I just had to try it.  Here’s where the drama really starts.
Here’s how I normally attach my binding.  I just machine sew it flat on one side with the right sides facing each other.  Then, I hand sew the other side to the quilt, tucking the raw side of the binding under as I go.  So, no, that actually wasn’t where the drama started but we’re almost there now.
She folds her binding fabric in half before machine sewing.  That way she doesn’t have to tuck it under, it’s already super tidy looking.
Gratuitous sewing machine centerfold shot.  Just trying to avoid the drama,  Again.
Here it is after I machine stitched it on.  
When I flipped it over, though, it’s too narrow.  THERE’s the drama.  Told you it was coming.  I should have made it wider.  So, now it’s nerve wracking.  Now I’m freaking.  I’m just going to try to cut down my seam allowance and see if it’ll all work out.  If it doesn’t work I’ll have to rip the binding out and hope I have enough of the shirt left (pretty sure I don’t) to make a wider binding – gasp!
I’m taking a break before I dive in any deeper.  I need to get the owls to the post office and send them off first.  I gotta tell you, on the possible scale of life dramas, I’m glad mine is down there pretty low.  
Down in the solvable quilt binding problem area seems a pretty good place to keep one’s drama.  
Remember to come back tomorrow to get in on my next give away!
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It’s not perfect

But it’s done! And it’s pretty close to perfect.
Thank you Alabama Chanin.
Maybe you think I used my ugliest tee shirt but I did not. I still have a bright yellow Johnsonville Brats shirt that makes this one look delightful.
I would like to ask why? Why make a safety orange shirt to brag about being from Wisconsin? 
Before – I know it’s backwards but I just had to post them that way.  Sorry.
 Packer colors are gold and green and the UW’s colors are red and white. So, why? I’ll probably never know. But, I do know how to make this, or any, giant shirt fit me now. And for that I am thrilled!
Don’t forget to comment on my give away post for a chance to win some of my handmade stuffed owls!