Club Indigo

If you have ever taken a dye class with me you are welcome to join Club Indigo.

I will open up my indigo vats on the first Sunday of every month in the dye studio at the Electric Needle from 11 am to 3 pm.

This is NOT a class. I will be dyeing but will be happy as always to give you my advice. If you want to work in shibori or batik, you are welcome to, but I can’t help a ton as my hands will be blue. Books, resources and tools will be available.

Bring your own fabric – limited to about 5 yards of fabric a club day. All fabric MUST be made of natural fibers. The Electric Needle is closed on Sunday so there will NOT be availability to purchase fabric on club days.

Pre-registration is required. After you have registered you will receive an email explaining how to join us.

The registration fee includes a minimum of 2 hours of dye time and 1/2 hour for clean up.

Be advised the dye studio is in the basement, you will need to be able to navigate a flight of steps to get to the studio. If this is impossible for you please call so we can arrange a private lesson.

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Two…that’s right, count ’em, TWO classes in one

They didn’t really happen at once but I’m going to post the pictures from them both at once.  They were both awesome and fun and a blast and I loved them.

These are from yesterday.

It was a private lesson and she was super experimental.  She totally got my whole idea that we’re just playing and you really can’t make any mistakes.


She came up with a whole new method that looks freaking awesome:


She also played with the old classics.

image4(19)  image1(18)It was a great day.

But wait, there’s more:


I ran a class on the weekend which also rocked.  Also chock full of playful people:














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Not everybody sews

You don’t have to sew to play with indigo at my Indigo 101 class.  The next one in coming  right up on Sunday September 13th from 1 – 4 at Paradigm Gardens. You can call them at 608/242-3800 to register.  It’s $85 or $80 if you sign up with a friend.

I serge all of the fabric for my classes.  It’s a bit time consuming but I realize that not everyone who wants to play with dye, wants to sew.

I give students six Fat Quarters each and we learn at least six patterns.  Fat quarters are used in sewing quite a bit, they are basically a quarter of a yard of fabric.  They are 18 X 22 inches in size.  Awesome for quilting or making into little projects.

They also make fabulous and generous napkins or small but useful furoshiki wrapping clothes.


Furoshiki clothes a a whole ‘nother rabbit hole to fall into but also way fun to play with.


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Indigo Workshop at Olbrich Gardens

Last night was my Indigo Dye and Shibori workshop at Olbrich Gardens.  It was so much fun!


Everyone was really nice and had a great time.  I had everyone make four different patterns and then dip them in the indigo as the sun went down.IMG_4310

It was a lovely evening but it was not very conducive to taking pictures of beautiful finished pieces.


There were lots of beautiful finished pieces, but you’ll have to take my word for it.  Because the sun set.


But I did get this shot.  I’ve been promised pictures.  If I get some, I’ll share them with you.  Everything was really gorgeous.  I’m always struck by the little temporary positive community that gets made in a class like this. I love it.

I have class times coming up at Paradigm Gardens.  The next one is September 13th and is an Indigo 101 class.

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Olbrich Gardens Class

The classes at Paradigm Gardens are going really well, they are super awesome to work with!

I have a Shibori Class coming up on the 16th of August at Paradigm that still has some room.

I won’t be offering an Indigo 101 Class there in August, though.  It’s only because I’m teaching one at Olbrich Gardens.  It’s a teeny bit cheaper, it’s a teeny bit shorter with a little less fabric available, and it’s a big bit more outside.  It’ll be awesome and I hope you’ll sign up for it.

Shibori and Indigo Class Samples

Here’s their class description:

“Shibori and Indigo Dyeing Workshop

Join Jennifer Falkowski for a hands-on exploration of making patterns on fabric using Shibori methods of dyeing with a natural indigo vat. Shibori is a Japanese process of tying, folding, and clamping fabric to create beautiful patterns when dyed. You will learn four different patterns and make four large coordinating indigo-dyed cloth napkins to take home. No dyeing experience necessary. Plan to get messy – wear old clothes and shoes and bring one pair of rubber gloves and a plastic bag for carrying your work home. All other materials provided. Class meets outdoors (rain date August 25). Adults and youth (ages 12 and up w/ an adult); each attendee pays the registration fee. Limited space; register early.

Tuesday, August 18 (rain date August 25), 6-8:30 pm

Registration Deadline:  August 11

Cost: $78 per person | Course Number: 21-15″

and their registration form