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The Five Minute Journal

I’m always on the search for inspiration and for ideas that just make me happy. I’ve been listening to the Tim Ferriss podcast. I really enjoy it. He’s a very curious person which makes him an excellent interviewer.

He recently recommended the super cool Five minute journal that is such a freakin’ good idea that I decided to share it with you. Yes, I already bought my copy so you can have one now.  🙂

I do love me a journal. For someone who like to doodle and paint in a sketchbook though, I have a hard time figuring out what to write. I like to stay positive yet introspective. I worry that the topics will get too dark and deep for me to actually enjoy writing. If I do have something big on my mind, I’ll write it down to get it out of my head but that doesn’t happen every day. Generally I’m a happy person.

This journal is totally perfect for that. It’s hardback and the cover is really simple so, obviously, it wants me to decorate it. It has a template for stuff to write about it for about two or three minutes in the morning and then two or three minutes at night. The idea is to set yourself up for an awesome day and then to review it quickly in the evening. I just love it. I’m waiting for my copy to come in the mail and I’ll totally show you it when it comes.


Here’s a picture lifted from their website because I couldn’t not put a picture in here. Seriously, a page of just text? Not from this Jennifer