Online Creativity Course – Visible Mending, Part 1: Basic Skills ZOOM!

Visible mending knee patch

Join us for an online creativity course with local artist Jennifer Falkowski.  August features TWO online classes, separate registration is required. 

First, on August 20th, we will explore visible mending. Be prepared to practice a few basic mending techniques like exterior and interior patching, working with denim and other materials, and adding patch pockets. Jennifer can provide some guidance and support on an individual project and then we can stitch together. 

Then, a week later on August 27th, we’ll use our new techniques to make our own hand-stitched, reversible masks. Register for Part 2 Here

After registration, you will receive details about when to pick up your art kit at the library. Then, 24 hours before the program we will share the login information for the online Zoom session.

Your library kit will include:

  • Visible mending supplies (Aug 20): A couple of practice fabric patches, needle & thread, straight pins
  • Hand-stitched mask supplies (Aug 27): Precut fabric pieces and toggle. Continue to use the pins, needle, and thread from the visible mending kit.

You will need to have these items ready by the start of our session:

  • Scissors
  • Workspace
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You Never Know What’s There Unless You Look.

Damn that Craig’s List!
Did I need anything? 
Do I ever?
Well, sometimes.  And you never know what’s there unless you look.
This was there.  It’s a goofy little project holder thing.
A little worse for wear but cute anyway.

It opens up. 
And is already overflowing with unfinished projects.
This one I thought was the real find.
The front opens like a garage door.
Cute right?  When I got it home I realized that I was wrong.
It’s all kinds of falling apart and loose.  
I should have looked closer before I threw it in the car but I already loved it.
I glued and clamped the part that was just straight out broken right away.
My hero.
But it’s loose here and there and everywhere.
Does anyone know if its actually worth anything?  I suspect it isn’t. 
Inspired by this book, I am picturing wiring or wrapping the loose and broken parts together with colorful wire or twine and keeping them wrapped.  
That’s pretty cool looking, I think.
That’s assuming that it isn’t actually a good piece.  I don’t know how to really tell.  I googled around a bit and  didn’t find anything exactly like it.  If it’s a good piece of furniture, I’d hate to do something to lower it’s value.  
In any case.  I paid $35 for both.  At first, in my head, I thought of it as $10 for the top piece and $25 for the table.  Once I got it home and got to know it better, it made me happier to think it was more of a $15 and $20 cut.  I can’t be happy if I think the top one cost me $20 because that’s what they were asking.  
Any leads on where to find a value for it?
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Hold me! I’m Scared!

Just a quickie.  This is my Grandfather’s sweater.  It has holes.  I’ve been wearing it since the early 80’s but less lately because I’m afraid of making them worse.
 Also, I haven’t washed it in forever and a day.  A coupe of years ago I sewed the holes up with thread but I didn’t like it.
My kids take pictures of themselves all the time like this. 
I used wool sock yarn and really highlighted the holey-ness of it all and now I love it even more.  
Next step:  Clean it.  Hold me!  I’m scared!