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All About the Romance w00t w00t!

13 miles outside of Viroqua you can find the venue for Deep Into Indigo–Romance Valley. A beautiful, simple yet spacious house nestled into the rolling hills of the Driftless area. romance
We knew the minute we saw it that it’s the perfect backdrop for our creative weekend! Can’t you just imagine us all spread across the lawn with our beautiful indigo fabrics flapping in the wind?
We visited during the winter when all was quiet and we were greeted by the beer can turkey sculpture across the road from the property. turkeyCan’t wait to see what it looks like in the high summer of AugustWinterBarn
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Viroqua Rocks! Guest post!!!!!

It’s my first ever guest post!!  By Jenina Mella, who is awesome and who is doing lots and lots to make the Deep Into Indigo Retreat not just happen, but happen to be a freaking awesome gracious vacation experience.  We went to Viroqua to meet people and loved it there so much!

Here Jenina doing a way better job sharing it than I could:

Jennifer and I spent a lovely day touring around, handing out fliers and talking to business owners about Deep Into Indigo; it’s a goal of ours to partner to feature local businesses. So incredibly friendly was every person we met–for 2 girls from Chicago, it’s almost overwhelming!


Lots of enthusiasm and encouragement for indigo everywhere we went! We had a great lunch at the Viroqua Food Coop, where we had super nice conversations with other people dining in the cafe.

When we came out, a horse and buggy were parked right next to us!


Visited 2 local wineries for tastings: Vernon Vineyards and Branches Winery.


Amazing businesses nestled within the beautiful rolling hills. We will be featuring some offerings from both wineries with our meals.


Great tastes await!

Deep Into Indigo Retreat Location! So pretty!
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Super Awesome Fun Times

I had so much fun with my friend and re-treat co-coordinator, Jenina Mella the other afternoon.  It was way fun, most of the time was spent chatting but that’ll happen when we hang out.

She brought over a bunch of doilies for us to dye that we’ll use to decorate the retreat space.


They look really awesome.

doilies and chxThey are so pretty.  I love all the different blues she achieved.

She also brought over some flowers for us to play with.

rosesroses blueThe dye is very alkaline and it was rough on them but I think they look pretty cool and antique-y.

Here’s a gratuitous close up.

There’s something really fun about hanging out and making stuff.


We were very peaceful and relaxed, there was fabulous music and we met one of our retreat participants who happened to live close by.


It was a great time and check out the result!  w00t!!

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Extended Early Bird Pricing

We’ve decided to extend the early bird pricing through the end of June!  We want to give everyone a chance to join us.

I hope you’ll take advantage of the extension to sign the heck up.  It’s going to be awesome!!

Click on the pictures below for more info!!!!!Retreat Flyer for site June


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Early Bird

I don’t want you to miss out!  Early Bird Pricing for the Deep Into Indigo Retreat ends in two days!!

To sign up, click on the Indigo Bunting:



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Indigo Dye Retreat MENU!

Deep Into Indigo Retreat

Guuuys!  I have to share this menu for our Deep Into Indigo Retreat!!!!!!  It looks freaking amazing!  Jenina Mella is a rock star!  It’s subject to change, of course but it’s going to be completely delicious without a question.

Can you tell I like food?

Retreat details here  Registration form here.

August 26-28, 2016
3:00pm                 Welcoming Snacks & Beverages
                                Asian Chicken Wings
                                Mushroom Tofu Potstickers
7:00pm                 Dinner (buffet style, at your leisure)
                                Asian Lettuce Wraps with Korean BBQ meat filling
Fillings: Rice vermicelli, crushed peanuts, carrot shred, scallion, shredded napa cabbage, bean sprouts, fresh chili’s
                                                Sauces: Thai sweet garlic sauce, GF gochujang, tamari
Beverages:  Wine (6 bottles for 15 people)
                       Fruited Iced Tea
8:00am                 Breakfast available, at will
                                Yogurt, granola, seasonal fruit, quiche
Beverages: Coffee
                       Orange Juice
12:30pm               Lunch available
                                Mango Avocado Salad (with grilled chicken thighs), Almond oil vinaigrette
3:30pm                 Snacks & Wine
                                Guacamole with chips & Salsa
                                Corn cups Filled with Black Bean Dip toped with Queso Fresco
                                Savory watermelon chunks with serrano chili & Queso Fresco
7:00pm                 Communal Sit Down Dinner
                                Baked Fish Tacos on corn tortillas
                                                Acoutrements: pickled cabbage, onions, crema, charred sweet corn.
                                Cilantro Rice
Beverages: Wine (5-6 bottles for 15 people)
                       Frozen Margaritas (2-3 pitchers)
                       Fruited Iced Tea
10:00am               Brunch/Leftovers and Wrap up on the Porch or in the Pasture

Amazing, right?

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Indigo Dye Retreat last summer! w00t!!!!

This retreat has passed and it was a stone cold blast.  We are in the planning phases of our 2017 Deep Into Indigo Retreat(s?).

Wanna stay in the loop?  Sign up here to get updates:

Friday August 26th – Sunday August 28th, 2016

That’s right. A whole friggin’ weekend dedicated to turning things blue!!

It will be at a gorgeous retreat center in Viroqua (round about 2 hours North West of Madison).

Beds? Got you covered
Food? We got this
Gorgeous Location? Check
Fun? A given
Indigo? Duh

I’ll bring the blue and the shibori toys and the awesome Jenina Mella will bring her serious party planning skills to the food and the many details. We’ll all bring the fun.

Simply put, this will rock your (blue) socks off.  Tell all your best friends!!

More details to come as soon as we figure them out.