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Yesterday was blue

But, it was the good kind of blue.  INDIGO, obv.

I had an Indigo 101 class at Paradigm Gardens and it was freakin’ awesome.

I always meet the most amazing and interesting people at my classes.  We made the world pretty and bluer.

I’ll try not to overwhelm you with pictures.


Just kidding.  I’m totally going to try to overwhelm you with pictures.

image3(14)Because these are all so beautiful.image4(14)

image6(13)This becoming…

image7(9)…this is not something you would want to miss.

And that kind of transformation happened a lot.

image8(8)We named this guy Squidward.


He ended up being quite pretty.

Here’s just a bunch of beautiful work presented without (much) comment.

image9(7)image10(5) image11(3)What’s that you say?  There’s a surprising amount of green…


image18image16 image15Well spotted.  All this green turned blue when it oxidized.  That’s just indigo’s way.

image17Here are all those greened up pieces after being in the air for a bit.  The green bits all turn blue and all look gorgeous!

image19I’m kicking myself for not get a picture of this beautiful shawl after it oxidized.  You’ll have to take my word for it, it’s stunning.

image21I did get a picture of this one and I’m blown away by how lovely it is.

The next classes are coming right up and if you’ve actually read this far, you’re hooked and should sign up as soon as you can! They are each $85…sort of.

This Sunday, July 19th is a Shibori only class.  There won’t be any dyeing BUT we will focus on stitching, binding, clamping, folding and other assorted things to make beautiful patterns like the ones you’ve been shamelessly ogling above.

On Saturday, June 25th.  I’ll have an Indigo 102 class.  Welcome to anyone who has any experience dyeing.  It’ll be $20 off if you’ve taken the Shibori classes on the 19th.

Call Paradigm Gardens at 608/241-3800 to sign up.

Call me at 608/852-3970 if you have questions about the classes.

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Indigo Classes – Stitched Samples


This isn’t a sample, this is just a yard of blue.  I thought it would make a pretty sky for a landscape quilt.  My backyard vat is getting tired, it could use more indigo. Until I add more, I’m experimenting with the different shades of blue I can come up with.  It’s been so dark, navy has been my only option.


This is so pretty, isn’t it?  Am I allowed to say that about my own stuff?  hmm…Yes, I am.  I love it.



And this guy, wooooo!  Fun.  I like the stitched pieces A LOT.  But they do take time.


Oh yeah, had to do this.  It’s the PG version of my thought process when things are going well,  It’s lighter than the others because a stitch popped and I didn’t want to lose any letters so I stopped dipping it into the indigo early. The more times you dip fabric into an indigo vat, the darker the fabric gets.


These guys took two Lord Of the Rings movies to stitch.  Totally worth it.  I’ll bring them to Indigo 101 at Paradigm Gardens on Sunday.  There’s still room for you to join the fellowship of the blue.