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We did it again

We just couldn’t help ourselves.  
The dye was right there and so many things that could be blue, aren’t weren’t.
We’re mostly thrilled with the shibori stuff.  
 Made this!
These …

Made this and…
This.  Plus that’s me goofing off a bit and wearing a shirt I dyed last week. 
Gratuitous doily close up – not the last one you’ll see today. 

Made this.
Told you there would be another.  I have a thing for crocheted doilies.
Made this.
Every time I see one, I buy it.  Every crocheted anything you see was made by hand.  There is no crocheting machine.
The yarn was exciting too.
Little yellow flowers rained down on us from the tree the whole time.
We have learned so much about indigo.  We’ll be doing this some more and we want to share it with more peeps.  If you are near to Madison WI and are interested in joining an Indigo Dyeing Day, send us an email, We’ll totally send you all the details when it gets closer to the date.  It’ll be in the fall.
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Hold me! I’m Scared!

Just a quickie.  This is my Grandfather’s sweater.  It has holes.  I’ve been wearing it since the early 80’s but less lately because I’m afraid of making them worse.
 Also, I haven’t washed it in forever and a day.  A coupe of years ago I sewed the holes up with thread but I didn’t like it.
My kids take pictures of themselves all the time like this. 
I used wool sock yarn and really highlighted the holey-ness of it all and now I love it even more.  
Next step:  Clean it.  Hold me!  I’m scared!