Terms & Conditions

Terms, Conditions & Policies

Before a workshop begins, you will be required to sign a liability waiver for your participation. Firearms and/or weapons are prohibited at any and all events.

Attendees agree to comply with the directions of the workshop leader regarding safe use of the dye vats, chemicals and tools. These directions are simply common sense measures to insure the safe participation of all attendees.


Registration fees will not be refunded.  If you find that you must cancel your attendance, you are welcome to send a friend in your place. Please email me in advance at Jennifer@JenniferFalkowski.com if you intend to do this. If you cannot find someone who would like to attend in your place, I will give you credit toward a future event.

If I have to cancel due to an emergency, the class will be rescheduled and class credit will be given for that future event.

I reserve the right to alter or cancel, without prior notice, any of the arrangements relating directly or indirectly to an event, for any circumstances beyond my reasonable control. This includes the cancellation of an event itself.

My maximum liability is limited to a full refund of the workshop registration fee. I accept no additional liability for travel, accommodation or any other additional costs incurred.


By participating in any event I run, you grant me, my representatives and volunteers the right to take photographs of you and your participation. You authorize me to use such photographs for any lawful purpose, including for publicity, illustration, advertising and web content. I encourage participants to take pictures! Participants are welcome to share photos of their experience on their favorite social media channels. I only ask that you use the following hashtag #Jenniferdyes and /or @Jenniferdyes


Your privacy is very important to me. I will never sell or make your information available to a third party. By signing up to my mailing list, you give Jennifer Falkowski, Artist LLC authority to contact you with notifications of new events and offerings. You will always have the option to unsubscribe from these notices at any time.