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Thanks For Humoring Me

On Thursday night, I took a screen printing class at Sector67.  I was supposed to show up with an image ready to print so I spent a little time on Wednesday and Thursday coming up with something.  I’m not used to doodling in a way that leads to something concrete so it was a new experience for me.
My first instinct was to draw a bird, but I coudn’t get this out of my head. 
 Damn you Portlandia!
 So, I dragged out my inkstone, ink and brushes to play with and see if I came up with any ideas.
He’s a water pitcher.
But, even with this great company, after ten minutes of mixing ink, it was immediately obvious when I put the brush to paper that this was not the right medium for screen printing. At least not for my very first time.
They are fine, I guess, but birds and squiggles?  I really wasn’t sure how that would translate to the screen print since I had no experience with it.  I wanted something super simple.

I looked up and saw that I had even more company than I realized, these guys were all lined up on the couch, almost as if they were posing.
Check it out!  They were totally posing.
I also went back through my old blog posts and found some other critters to draw.  I was really happy with the combination of simplicity with personality.  I stumbled upon my images.  Next time, actually screen printing process pictures.  I realize that a post about coming up with a doodle may not be the most interesting thing to people who have done it before but it’s new to me, so thanks for humoring me.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Thanks For Humoring Me

  1. These are so cute already! Can’t wait to see them screen printed

  2. Hahaha. I love that Portlandia skit. I think your critters are a nice alternative to a bird. 😀

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