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That ultrasound had better be right!

Finally, I get to make a mess! Well, really, it’s a quilt. 
It’s a baby quilt for my new grand niece.  She’s due any day now.
It’s sewn together on the sewing machine.
Then I quilted it together by hand with embroidery thread. 
This is the back side.  I love the digital effect.
In process
The front is linen.
I used a floral skirt and beige pants.  The beige pants were actually really nice but had a pleated front – such a shame.  The stripes are from a pair of XL capri pants.  Another monstrosity taken off the street.  You’re welcome.
The backing is a really soft flannel.
I sewed around the inside of each square with different colored thread.

I wish I had only used dark colors but I’m not unhappy with it over all.
It’s the quickest quilt I’ve ever made.  I made the whole thing in less than a week.  I’d love to see it after it’s been washed a few times.  I think (and hope) it will age really nicely.

8 thoughts on “That ultrasound had better be right!

  1. It is beautiful! When I first read the post title I thought the quilt was a print of the ultrasound!

  2. Oh my goodness, that is so beautiful! What a lovely gift.

  3. Very lovely. I aspire to one day hand-sew a quilt, many, many years from now, and I love the combination of the different re-purposed linens.

  4. Thanks all. It was really fun to make a messy thing again. The ultrasound comment was running through my head the whole time because it’s soooooooooo pink.

  5. It looks so comfy…I wants.

  6. AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA. Well, if the ultrasound is incorrect, at least Mom will have a new blanket!

  7. I love this quilt and I love your hand-quilting stitches. I tried hand quilting and other than getting many tiny holes in my fingers, I was not happy with the result on the back side of the quilt… Maybe I should try larger stitches with embroidery floss like you did.

  8. Beautiful quilt and I love how the stitching looks on the back!

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