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That’s How Cute

You never can tell with with critters.
Will they be cute?  They might be kinda cute.  I haven’t made any critters for months…over a year!  
The thing is that you have to turn them inside out and sew around their edges which is a serious leap of faith.  Let’s just say that it does not always end well, especially when one is out of practice.
But it so did this time.  How cute is that?  Seriously cute, that’s how cute.
AHHH!!  That’s darling.
That one worked really well, too.
Is it too weird to pinch the cheeks of a halfway made stuffed animal?  Oh, wait…yes…it is.  It’s too weird so I won’t do that.  
But I love my little parliament!  
All I have left to do is stuff them and then they’ll be ready for the world.  
And a quick reminder:  Want to join in my purse give away?  
I know, you’ve been waiting for the last minute (Why, by the way, what’s the point?).  Anyway, the last minute is here.  Tomorrow I’ll announce the winner of my latest (And last, for a while) give away. 
Just go here and leave me a comment and let me know how to reach you if you win.  

1 thought on “That’s How Cute

  1. Holy Bat Owls! That is so frikkin’ cute! Love your parliment. They are much more enjoyable than any other parliment I could ever possibly imagine. Cute, cute, super cute.

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