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The Acid Wash Wasn’t Heinous Enough

Besides terrifying ceramics, I brought home several pairs of jeans to cut up and add to my latest quilt.  
 I can confidently say that this pair deserved destruction the most.
 Check out that pleated front.  Because the acid wash wasn’t heinous enough.
 Maybe this detailing on the back could be slimming…
…if it weren’t for the giant puffy thighs and butt it’s been designed to give even the skinniest person.
 Don’t be scared, they aren’t going to hurt your eyes anymore. 
 Here’s what one can accomplish in one full length movie, two Larry Sanders episodes and one episode of Mythbusters.
She’s watching out for them

1 thought on “The Acid Wash Wasn’t Heinous Enough

  1. You really shouldn’t have mentioned the ceramics fetish–now I see them everywhere and want to buy them for you. Beware unmarked packages.

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