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The Things I Didn’t Buy And The Thing I Did

 Yesterday was a thrift shopping day and I came upon a goldmine of crazy.  Someone’s collection of ceramic figurines, all of them elderly.  In addition to this shelf full, there were about 20 more scattered throughout the store.   I couldn’t bring myself to buy them.  I just felt like I had to have them all or none of them and, while my husband really appreciates many of the horrifying ceramic things I bring  home, he wouldn’t if I spent $60 to $80 on one haul.
Then I went to my local grocery store and happened upon this:
For sale for $18.95 and totally ironically cool.  Which was hugely disappointing because I already own this:
Bought for a buck at a yard sale, under the impression that it wasn’t supposed to be ironically cool.  I don’t know how I feel about it any more.  
But I am thrilled with this purchase.  It’s the door to an old PO box.  I bought it at the post office.  The woman behind the counter gave me a quick lesson on how to pick the lock, too – which was priceless. 

3 thoughts on “The Things I Didn’t Buy And The Thing I Did

  1. Such restraint! You are to be commended.

    p.s. The Bloggess book should come packaged with Depends.

  2. Just back from Vinny’s on Willy St.–site of the crazy old people porcelains? I refrained from getting you a one-eyed speckled cat. I too should be rewarded for my restraint. I think gin is a good reward.

  3. I’m waiting for them to make it to DNS! Then it’s open season.

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