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Thinking Out Loud On The Blog

Kayak trip cancelled due to perfect weather.


The forecast called for rain and the trip required earlier than normal waking.  So when I did finally wake up and saw the forecast was wrong, the weather was perfect and we cancelled the trip for no reason, it was too late to get moving.




But, looking on the positive side, I had some time to sit down and sew a bit.

I finally finished that last quilt top square.





Oh yes, you have to suffer through at least one gratuitous close up.

That’s how much fabric was left over.  Not much.

Which is another bummer because I need more fabric to make the squares all fit together.

WHY did I make those napkins when this fabric told me it wanted to be a quilt?!?!?!?!?

I do love my napkins, though.


Anyhoo, my lack of indigo dyed linen led to me making a bunch of silly looking piles of fabric under my smallest square to try and find something that worked.  This one is dyed light blue with indigo but has a print on it which might be distracting.



Linen lavender remnant of a jacket.  But also thicker than the other linen in the quilt.  Hmm.


A linen/cotton blend skirt.  Beige.


Olivey-brown linen pants.

Linen shirt.



Other pair of linen pants, grey.


Hmm.  I guess I’m just thinking out loud on the blog here.

I often get a different view of something after posting it here.

The extra fabric I pick will also show up here and there between squares to make them fit together.  I’ll let you know what I pick.  Either I make a point of it all being blue or I have another color peeking out here and there.


Win win, I’d say.