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This Is What Can Happen

I went to the thrift shop to buy more jeans for my unintentional quilt.  I got ten pair (I have nine to work with since one pair fits my son).  But, that’s not all I brought home.
For, you see;  I have a dark, thrift shop secret.
My love of horrifying ceramics.
I cannot pass this kind of stuff up.  Look:  That girl is totally orange.  And, that’s not only a  pastel train it’s also a glaring, hypnotist bunny.  And, someone thought it was a good idea to stick a huge hole for a candle in the head of a cloying cute little girl.
But, wait.  There’s more.
I have more than this.  I took about this size of a pile to the library in the hopes that someone would use them for garden art but they were passed up.  Probably too terrifying.
 Here’s a small portion which, for my family’s sake, I’ve put in the garage. I don’t know which one I love the most, the dolphins swimming in water made of glitter?  Maybe the prairie girl with the bonnet that hides her enormous alien brain?  No, it’s gotta be the tall headed girl in jammies carrying her evil puppy overlord in her arms.  The part that’s even scarier is that I’ve only just begun taking them home.  This collection is the result of only two thrift shop runs.  …blush..
 This came home with me, too.  But, somehow, this lives in a different kitschy section of my brain.  It’s added to my odd bird corner of the basement.
 The collection I only realized was a collection during the last time I cleaned up my studio and found I had, like, a million stupid bird things.  This is what can happen when you strive let the unconscious, creative part of your brain take over.
More birds.  Just sayin’
On the other hand, I got some pretty paper
and some fun and interesting stuff to collage with (Wartburg…teehee).

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  1. Those are awesome and terrifying all at the same time. 😀

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