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Too Weird

It is too weird. I tried to make a scarf out of denim. I have this idea in my head of a scarf with a simple running stitch design.
I had fun putting it together. You can tell because I took a million and one pictures of the stitching.
I spared you most of them.
I did play around with my camera’s panoramic view.  Little blurry, sorry.
I loved it at this point.
No one wants to wear denim scarf, though. It’s too stiff.
It does look cool in the picture but it feels wrong.  It just isn’t soft and cushy like a scarf should be. 
Worth a try, though.  Most experiments are. 

2 thoughts on “Too Weird

  1. Awe. It was worth a shot. I like the idea. Maybe a lighter weight denim would do the trick.

    1. Thanks. I think I’m going to try it with linen. It could make a nice light weight scarf, I think. I’m always up for making mistakes. They take me to new places. 🙂

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