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Totally Made My Day

We went to a Flea Market yesterday.  I had big intentions to talk a guy way down on some of those cool glass insulators things that sit on top of electrical poles.  But by the time I came back around, I was all out of money.
Check it out!!!
It’s just the top but the fabric is so beautiful. Lots of vintagey scraps.  I thought I would cut it up and remake it into many different things. You know what happened though.  When I got home and opened it up, I knew I would never be able to chop it up.  
I’m just going to finish it.  
I have to pick a backing and border color.  It will have to wait, though.  I have so many other projects right now.
Also, I picked up a couple of books  (There is no book better than The Sailor Dog, just FYI).

This book is pretty cool.  I have a thing for Mr. Zip.

A buncha crocheted doilies.  Did you know there there’s no such thing as machine crochet so every single crocheted item you ever see was hand made.  Just sayin’.
And so many vintage buttons.  I love it when buttons are all sewn onto cardboard.  Why did anyone do that? I mean why would you sew buttons of all colors and sizes onto a really big card?  Sales samples maybe?  I’m glad they did, but still.
Also, we went out to lunch and the waitress complimented my necklace. 
 It was this worn around my neck instead of my wrist:
It totally made my day.

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  1. Oh my…. the quilt top is AWESOME! I am glad you will finish it! I just love the colors and wouldn’t you just love to know the story behind it. I mean with all the scraps… was it a memorial, or just scrappy…. What a great day you had… LOVE the buttons too!

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