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Travel Journal

 In the last post I was prepping for a trip.  We took it and we are back home already!  One week in San Diego.  It was really lovely.  I brought a couple of projects to work on.  
Well, I didn’t embellish my bag even a little bit more, though that was my plan.  
I also planned on working on a travel journal while we were there but didn’t work on it till we got back.
I think that’s a sign of a good vacation.  We were too busy or too bushed or watching Mythbusters on cable.  
I did pick up tons of brochures and pieces of paper from everywhere we visited.  I put it together in anticipation of my Fearless Crafter Journal Making Workshop that happens tonight!  There’s a waiting list and I’m really excited! 
The left side of the envelope has a card from the Venice Beach “Marijuana Doctors”  I felt so naive, I never know such things existed.  

 Here’s my screwy binding.  The idea came from the fabulous How to Make Books By Esther K. Smith.  I’ve used it once before and it worked but this time I glanced at the instructions and then winged it


 You would think that I’d know better by now. 

 I’d like to say that I make it look amateurish so that my workshop participants don’t feel intimidated but I think we all know better. 

Here are boxes of treasures that Megan from Absolutely Art allowed us to sift through to get goodies to offer to people to use in their journal making. 
 I was a little thrown off by how much of it was stuff that I had donated.
Next Fearless Crafters:  3-D Collage on August 28th!

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  1. Great journal! I hope you’ll be able to use these as a means of remembering your trip in years to come.

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