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I took a break from the baby quilt because I was so excited about the new Alabama Chanin book and had to make myself a tee-shirt.
It’s all hand sewn, yo.  
But it didn’t work.  The problem I had was with the sizing.  The XL (That’s right, I’m not petite, deal with it) size had measurements that should have been perfect for me.  It didn’t go down that way, though.  I can easily believe that I made my seam allowance a bit too big but not 2 – 4 inches too big.  I also couldn’t fit my head through the neck hole.  hmm. Double checked the pattern and it all looks right.  Who knows.  Could be me, could be them.  I do prefer to blame other people for my mistakes. 
But, I’m undaunted.  The patterns are so simple and elegant, I think it’ll be super easy to modify it for myself and Imma try again.
In the mean time, there sits that neglected baby quilt.  I’ll work on it today. 
It hasn’t made it’s way to the truly-neglected-but-still-upstairs-pile.  Which is nothing compared by my truly-madly-deeply-neglected-pile that’s in the basement.  I also have some truly-madly-deeply exciting plans that I’m working on but not ready to share just yet.  
It involves crafting, a partnership and creative leaps.  
I hope I didn’t give too much away there.  I’m just gonna walk away from this blog now.
No guessing!