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Unicorns Are Real

Did you know that I work at the library?  
My favorite part of working there is connecting someone with the right book.
I also like my easy access to so many craft books.  
Here’s the list of what I am looking at and loving right now.
Yes, I realize that that’s a whole lot of Jenny Doh.  
I like to put related things on hold at the same time.  
I’ve been spending my creative energies getting our Etsy shop set up.  I’ve found that I LOVE writing out the descriptions.  It’s so fun.  That sounds a bit nutty, I hear it now.  You should just go read them.  I tried to tell a little story for each thing.  Well, less so for the jewelry.  Anyway, go and check it out and please let me know what you think.
With all that going on, I especially have been enjoying Habitually Chic:  Creativity at Work because it’s easy to read for reasons you’ll see in the note below.  It’s pretty pictures of people’s studios with inspiring quotes and interviews.  
This is my favorite quote from the book.  
My daughter, of course, shot it down right away.  She closed her eyes and said:
“Unicorns are real.  I’m blonde and I live in New York.”  Opened her eyes, looked around, looked in the mirror and shrugged.  
So literal.
I plan to get back to making stuff really soon.  Experiments with indigo dye are in the near future.  I’ll keep you posted.
* These books I consider to be craft porn.