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Way Back Machine

During October I participated in the Habitat for Humanity Restore Art Auction.

I donated 3 stuffed animals,  and, at the last second, I included bio’s for them.
The auction went pretty well.  It was fun to have my work in an art opening and it felt good to support the Habitat for Humanity.   The only bummer was that they forgot to include the bio’s.  Two of the three Woollies were sold.  I was a little disappointed that the bio’s weren’t included because I think they would have helped to sell them for a little more.
So I thought I’d post them here because it was so much fun to put together and there really isn’t anywhere else to share them:
This set includes one (1) Super Hero Wannabe who is just figuring out how to use his sleeve/wings for good.  Our hero is constructed out of wool jackets.  His muzzle is the flap of a pocket.  His mask is the lapel from another jacket.  His nose is made of Casein – milk protein that was more widely in use before plastic became popular.  He doesn’t sport a label but won’t let that hold him back.

One (1) Sidekick who could probably run the show but she’s too nice to let our Super Hero feel bad.  She too was once a Herringbone coat and also has a pocket mouth.  Her eyes and nose are a mix of vintage and thrifted buttons.  Her label identifies her as “Stafford Executive” but her ric rac keeps her from getting too snooty about it.
One (1) Patchwork Villain who turned to crime for the thrill of it.  His patchwork is from some very old and some not so old jackets and skirts.  He’s a bit of a mixed up kid with buttons from all over the place as well.  He has yet to live up to his label, which promises ‘Satisfaction Always’.  His deep secret?  His label came from the main fabric of our Super Hero – they have more in common than they could possibly imagine.
Salvaged for these little dudes:
10 Wool Coats
2 Wool skirts
8 Vintage buttons (From school assignments circa 1941 & 1959)
Each Woollie is stuffed with 100% wool stuffing to keep away dust mites (They hate wool).

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  1. I think these are adorable! You are a very talented designer, and clever creative writer. I think the bios add a lot – they became cuter as I read their stories. 🙂 Maybe you could find the peoples contact info who made purchases, and email them them their secret identities, or send them a link to your blog.

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