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What I’m up to lately

I’m still working on the running stitch quilt squares.  I’m just not sure about my next step. 
I’m pretty sure that if I just sew all the squares together, the detail of the embroidery will be lost.  
 They need some kind of solid border.

Right now, I’m intrigued by this technique.

I’ve also been inspired by this quilt.

 I also like the idea of putting them in a sort of path formation. 
For now I’ve just set it all aside to think about something else.  
I’ve been having a great time making post cards.  They’re small and you can either stick with a theme and really explore it by making a bunch or make one of something and move right on. 
And you get to make a mess with glue and scissors.
They can really pile up, though.
So I joined Postcrossing, which I really like and recommend, but not everyone there appreciates a handmade card.  
It’s so much fun to make postcards, I really wanted to 
send some out to other people who enjoyed them, too.
  Luckily, I found the International Union of Mail Artists.    
I’ve sent a few out including this one: 12-12-12.  I’m really looking forward to getting something in the mail from other artists.  I’ll post some here when I do.
Here are some that I made recently 
but haven’t sent yet.
I also made some that are drawings.  They are just from photographs but I changed the faces so you wouldn’t be able to recognize them if you saw the drawing next to the photo.  In fact, the first two are from the same face. 

I love drawing older faces.  They have so much more going on than young, perfect faces.
 I had so much fun drawing again.  I really haven’t drawn much at all since having the kids.

A couple of nice stacks.  It makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something.
 PS.  Yes, I had a way better time putting the pictures where I wanted them this time.  Thanks for the ideas!  Still not perfect, though.  That Blogger is always fighting me!

2 thoughts on “What I’m up to lately

  1. I have no idea why someone wouldn’t be thrilled to get a handmade postcard, especially yours because they are so creative and fun. Keep up the great work.

  2. SQUEEE! I lurves the bugs.

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