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Whose job is it?

To keep me from signing up for these things? 
Please don’t say it’s mine because if it is, I’m screwed.
I know perfectly well that they stress me out.  But I signed up anyway.  Because I was inspired by the pictures she posted.  Also, for the very exciting reason that I need a new rug for my downstairs bathroom.  If I don’t finished in the required time, I will still end up with a project that makes me happy…eventually. 
So this is the basic idea I came up with last night; I plan on playing around with the square sizes more.  
Yes, it is denim.  Well spotted, you.  I do love denim. 
Awhile back a friend of mine gave me a huge pile of pre cut denim squares left over from a relative’s project.  It was very thoughtful and I love and appreciate them. I did despair slightly over their same sizedness.  I like things to be more random.  But, then this challenge showed up in my Madison Modern Quilt Guild feed that seems totally perfect for my orderly squares.  
I decided, as I so often do, What the hell.  
Wish me luck.

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  1. I don’t know why, but I do the same types of things to myself constantly… We must like the pressure,secretly.

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