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With the Goal of Enabling Others in Mind

 I have to take a break from this and all other crafty project for a bit.  

There’s still a ton of sewing to do but my hand is sore.

Here’s an earlier version.  I feel like it should look more different now – I’ve done so much sewing on it.  I’m glad that I removed the stitches that went across the middle.  They made it look plaid.
So I’ll take a couple of days off and just stare at it.  Some of the time I love it, other times I’m frustrated with it.  Maybe I should have used fewer or more colors.  Maybe I should have had more of a color plan.
A pattern of darks and lights have emerged in a way that I don’t really love.  Also, I still have no clue as to what it is.  I mean, I know it’s a learning swatch but I feel like it should end up being a useful object.
 Oh well.  I still love the way the cloth ripples and I enjoy the path-i-ness of running stitch.  Also, it’s really fun to take macro pictures of.  
On an unrelated note, I was checking out one of my favorite blogs, The Brick House, and took part in one of my favorite library junky habits:  Putting the books I see in someone else’s pictures on hold at my library.  Especially design and art books.  I love them.  So, with the goal of enabling others in mind, here is a picture of a random pile of books in my living room – some ours, some the library’s – for you to enjoy.
Now, go place some holds!

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