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While trying to make purses out of old coats, I had this realization:
A stuffed animal is a purse with eyes!

OK, also arms, ears and a tongue and no purse strap.

But, it really got me started on a whole new obsession. I’ve been taking tweedy wool coats and cutting them out around the pocket to make an adorable mouth.

Then I add vintage button eyes and some trims and sometimes the
old woven tags from inside the coats and they just seem to come alive.

This frog’s head is from the lapel of the tweed coat used to make the dudes above his head.

This old skirt just wants a big hug.
There are a couple left at Confectionique.

My next step is to move beyond purse shapes to more complex
critters with heads and more shapely bodies.

I’ve sold a bunch through the library of all places.
They were available at a Susan Komen event about breast cancer awareness.

It wasn’t my original intent but they have become great comfort items for people who are going through challenges – both in terms of health and personal issues.

I guess people have been using their pocket mouths to
hold important talisman type items to assist in healing.