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You know what I need?

You know what I need?  A sewing machine with an attached laptop.  So I can blog, look at Pinterest, check Ravelry and listen to Podcasts while I sew – one action smoothly transitioning to the next without having to interrupt my flow.
But my flow is temporarily interrupted for the best reason.  I have wanted indigo dyed linen to play with since the first time I saw boro quilts and fell in love with them.  Now I have some and I can think of too many things to do and I want to do each one equally as much as the others.
I want to make a traditional quilt.
I want to make a small “art quilt” to hang.
I want to make some pogaji with enclosed seams.
Also, napkins and a small bag and a journal cover.
I want to embroider on it.
These things aren’t all mutually exclusive.  
I could embroider a napkin or make a quilted journal cover.
Gratuitous close up
I want to make it all all at once.  Kind of like how I want to surf the internet, sew and listen to stuff all at once.  It’s like this weird energy I’m stuck in right now.  In the pause between paragraphs, I’ve been threading my sewing machine, gathering supplies, answering emails and making my plans. 
To do everything at once.  
What the hell, flow?