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The weather finally behaved well enough for me to start in indigo vat just yesterday!  Well, with the help of my new good friend: the aquarium heater; it’s still a little cool in the evenings.

IMG_2390My good friend the tea towel and my new acrylic blocks got along swimmingly


Experiment with non-tradition batik…just ok.  It photographs well.

I have to go to work in  a few minutes but I got almost an hour of dyeing in today.  It actually felt like a relief.  I’ve missed it so much.


Not bad for such a short amount of time.

I plan on having a drop in and dye at Paradigm Gardens on Saturday, May 30th from 10-I’m-too-tired-to-dye-o’clock.  I was planning on 5 but I sprained my foot and am hobbling around in a boot.

I will be teaching Shibori and Indigo dyeing classes there throughout the summer too (!!!) but I’m still waiting on date confirmations.  Watch this space!!!!