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Thanks For the Idea

I have a quilt to make, a craft show to prepare for, a book club book to read by Friday, a Fearless Crafter’s Workshop to get ready for as well as two upcoming craft workshops to prep.  Perfect time to start a totally unrelated impulse project, wouldn’t you say?
I just got hit by a strong urge to sew some cool tone on tone stuff together for kicks.  It was the idea I found so distracting when I was working on this project.  
So, I’m going to spend just a little time in the evenings sewing on this white linen with some white thread, white buttons and a white doily. Oh, some lace would look cool, too, doncha think?  Thanks for the idea.

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That’s For Another Day

It  was a long day and my back is mad at me but check it out.
Full room shot with my new dismal ugly industrial shelves filled with delightful crafty fun stuff.
I set my sewing machine up so the light would be at my back instead of shining in my face and blinding me.
And the sun will still be behind me when I’m working at my table.
Yay!  Much was shipped off to the thrift shop. Honestly, I’m not really done.  The stuff is all on shelves in a somewhat organized fashion but I have to get it more specifically put together.  And then there’s all the crap that still in the living room hiding behind the couch but that’s for another day.  
Tonight, a glass of wine to celebrate a job well done.  
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Halfway and counting down…

I’m calling this the halfway point.  I emptied the shelves and put lots of stuff into bins.  We’ll be moving these shelves into the next room and then putting in some way deeper shelves.
Gotta find a sunny spot for my table.  It all looks so spare and tidy now 
But this is only some of what I have to put back in an orderly fashion.  
Actually, I’m going to cal it the thirdway point.
There’s more here.  The quarterway point is starting to feel right.  I’d better get up and get moving.  
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I’ve been getting lots of spam from one place ever since I did that give away blog hop thing.  Which was great, don’t get me wrong.  
I turned off my comment moderation because I was getting so many comments and that was completely awesome.  But, right after I switched back to moderating my comments (which was fortuitous timing) I started getting these goofy, unrelated comments with links to a bunch of different probable malware loaded links. 
Today, I got my favorite one ever so I thought I’d share it, malware link removed of course:

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I first started moderating my comments after getting this hilarious one (also with links removed): 

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Why, yes, I am supposed to be cleaning…how did you guess?  Ok, fine.  Back to it. 

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I bought another sewing machine.  Dang it.  
Nope, not this one.
It went down like this:  I posted the above machine on Craig’s List and, since I was there anyway, looked at the sewing machines that were for sale.  
Always Never a good idea.
I brought this one home.  It ends up that it actually wasn’t a very savvy buy.  I thought it was an older model but it isn’t.  Guess I could have looked it up first but I fell in love at first sight.  I tend to do that with older machines.  Still playing with the tension to get it right but that’s my idea of a good time.

It weighs a shit-ton but at least I can throw it in my car and take it places.  I can’t even say that about some of the people I know.

Otherwise I’ve been cleaning and getting ready to organize my space.  Nope, no pictures.  It’s always worse before it gets better.  I plan on moving everything out of the way so we can put in some deeper shelving that will accommodate my new bins.  Then I have get to put it all back again.
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Totally Made My Day

We went to a Flea Market yesterday.  I had big intentions to talk a guy way down on some of those cool glass insulators things that sit on top of electrical poles.  But by the time I came back around, I was all out of money.
Check it out!!!
It’s just the top but the fabric is so beautiful. Lots of vintagey scraps.  I thought I would cut it up and remake it into many different things. You know what happened though.  When I got home and opened it up, I knew I would never be able to chop it up.  
I’m just going to finish it.  
I have to pick a backing and border color.  It will have to wait, though.  I have so many other projects right now.
Also, I picked up a couple of books  (There is no book better than The Sailor Dog, just FYI).

This book is pretty cool.  I have a thing for Mr. Zip.

A buncha crocheted doilies.  Did you know there there’s no such thing as machine crochet so every single crocheted item you ever see was hand made.  Just sayin’.
And so many vintage buttons.  I love it when buttons are all sewn onto cardboard.  Why did anyone do that? I mean why would you sew buttons of all colors and sizes onto a really big card?  Sales samples maybe?  I’m glad they did, but still.
Also, we went out to lunch and the waitress complimented my necklace. 
 It was this worn around my neck instead of my wrist:
It totally made my day.
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Here’s Something You Can Do

Here’s something you can do with a strip of tee shirt.  
I like it.
Pretty bad ass.
And I have all this left to play with.  
Expect more badassery coming this way.  I will need to get more doo-dads to add because all of my beads have small – not shirt width – holes so I get to do a little shopping!  
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Not Too Shabby

I finished the owls which means…time for a totally new project!  
I don’t know if you remember, but lately I’ve been playing with remaking tee-shirts so that they fit me.  It’s really fun but I had trouble figuring out sizing.  To figure that out I went and bought a bunch of giant ugly tee shirts to experiment on.  I knew it was a new way of sewing and I would need a ton of practice so I bought quite a few.  But…surprise surprise…I figured it out by tee-shirt # 3.  Not too shabby.  However, now I have a buncha giant ugly tee shirts.  
Like this one.
So I cut them buggers up.
They look like this until you stretch them out.  Then they look like this:
Thanks for another great idea, Alabama Chanin.

Now there are many things I can make with them.  I choose….jewelry.
But, until then I just want to say that this shirt:

was awesome.
Unfortunately, a really large printed area on a tee shirt doesn’t stretch the way I need it to so I had to throw that part away.  However, I still really enjoyed cutting up the word cancer.
I chopped it up real good.

On an unrelated note, I also fixed Mr. Floppy.  He appreciates it, his face was loose.  Now he can go home to my daughter; she has really missed him.
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We have a winner the second

The winner is…Anonymous!  That’s right.  But she emailed me and I know who she really is.  
I think I’ll also wait on having another give away until there’s some sort of blog hop dealy that I can join in on again.  That seems to work better.  I will have more though.  I have big scary plans to clean my space.  I’m sure to find lots of stuff that needs to travel on to greener pastures.

I’ve cleaned it before but I’m hoping this time I’ll be able to keep it tidier.  Gotta buy a buncha plastic bins.  They fix everything.
I finished the owls last night, too.  
I stuffed them with wool.  I really prefer it to cotton or poly fill because dust mites do not like wool.  I do not like dust mites so that all works out in the end.
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That’s How Cute

You never can tell with with critters.
Will they be cute?  They might be kinda cute.  I haven’t made any critters for months…over a year!  
The thing is that you have to turn them inside out and sew around their edges which is a serious leap of faith.  Let’s just say that it does not always end well, especially when one is out of practice.
But it so did this time.  How cute is that?  Seriously cute, that’s how cute.
AHHH!!  That’s darling.
That one worked really well, too.
Is it too weird to pinch the cheeks of a halfway made stuffed animal?  Oh, wait…yes…it is.  It’s too weird so I won’t do that.  
But I love my little parliament!  
All I have left to do is stuff them and then they’ll be ready for the world.  
And a quick reminder:  Want to join in my purse give away?  
I know, you’ve been waiting for the last minute (Why, by the way, what’s the point?).  Anyway, the last minute is here.  Tomorrow I’ll announce the winner of my latest (And last, for a while) give away. 
Just go here and leave me a comment and let me know how to reach you if you win.