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Friends Discount

That’s right. Bring a friend and you can each take $5 off the class price.


I had this great conversation with my Sister in Law who said my pictures made her curious about indigo and she thought it looked way fun.  But she didn’t really want to learn a whole new hobby and have to buy a buncha stuff to play with indigo.

She thought it looked like a fun outing to do with friends.  She is right, of course.  🙂


It’s totally awesome amazing fun!!  Now more funnerer with a discount.  🙂


Just tell the guys at Paradigm Gardens – (608) 241 – 3800 – about you and your friend wanting the friends discount and it shall be yours.

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Willow Pattern


I had an super awesome fun time making something pretty.  What could be better? First, random circles then…


…messy pleating.  The messy part is not required but it’s just my way.


Grab a short length of rope and…


Wrap string around the rope and pleated piece of fabric.


Till it looks like a cocoon.


You don’t have to have a hole in your glove that turns your hand blue but it could happen.


Dip it in the indigo lots of times so it really gets dark.


Unwrap it, it’s an adventure!  Use a seam ripper or little embroidery scissors and BOOM you’ve made the willow pattern, my current favorite Shibori pattern.

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Indigo Classes – Stitched Samples


This isn’t a sample, this is just a yard of blue.  I thought it would make a pretty sky for a landscape quilt.  My backyard vat is getting tired, it could use more indigo. Until I add more, I’m experimenting with the different shades of blue I can come up with.  It’s been so dark, navy has been my only option.


This is so pretty, isn’t it?  Am I allowed to say that about my own stuff?  hmm…Yes, I am.  I love it.



And this guy, wooooo!  Fun.  I like the stitched pieces A LOT.  But they do take time.


Oh yeah, had to do this.  It’s the PG version of my thought process when things are going well,  It’s lighter than the others because a stitch popped and I didn’t want to lose any letters so I stopped dipping it into the indigo early. The more times you dip fabric into an indigo vat, the darker the fabric gets.


These guys took two Lord Of the Rings movies to stitch.  Totally worth it.  I’ll bring them to Indigo 101 at Paradigm Gardens on Sunday.  There’s still room for you to join the fellowship of the blue.

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Indigo 101

Meet the stars of Indigo 101!


I’m getting my Indigo Classes ready to teach and I am having so much fun!

There are a few more techniques I want to prepare samples for but I wanted to share the basic idea.


I’m bring six Quilters Cotton Fat Quarters with finished edges for everyone to dye with.  A fat quarter is a rectangle of fabric that’s about 18″ X 22″, basically a quarter of a yard of fabric.

I don’t know why they’re called fat quarters but they are.  I hope they don’t mind being called fat, poor dears.  Anyhoo, I finished the edges in case you don’t want to sew with them.

They make lovely, generously sized (better than calling them fat, I’d say) napkins!


I’ll teach several kinds of Shibori.


Folding techniques


Tying techniques


Shape resists


I’ll have lots of marbles and strings


Pole wrapping


I am going to put together some stitched samples too.  They take time but they’re just so cool, I can’t skip them.

Then we’ll dunk everything into the indigo, which is a magical experience in itself. The class is going to be a blast.  I highly recommend signing up with a friend or two.  Dates and details here.

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Indigo Classes!


Howdy all. I just wanted to let you know that I have found an awesome place to run bunches of Indigo Dyeing and Shibori classes in a big ass vat INDOORS!  Woohoo!!!!!!!!!

Big Ass Vat

There’s a longer version of the story.  I’ll share it later.  All the deets are on my events page.

I hope you can come along!!!!