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Indigo Shenanigans

We’ve been up to some shenanigans at Rusted Thread.

Rusted Thread Indigo Dye Sept 2013-60

 Here are some pictures from a private Indigo Dyeing Event we threw recently.

Rusted Thread Indigo Dye Sept 2013-51

We were lucky enough to have the amazing Miranda Beyer Photography there and I’m so thrilled with her pictures.

Rusted Thread Indigo Dye Sept 2013-50

This is actually a lot like what our Indigo Days class will look like on October 5th.

Rusted Thread Indigo Dye Sept 2013-49

Everything is so beautiful and all the participants left feeling so proud, as well they should.

Rusted Thread Indigo Dye Sept 2013-46

Rusted Thread Indigo Dye Sept 2013-45

Rusted Thread Indigo Dye Sept 2013-43

Also, if you are just dying (not dyeing..this time) to see us, come to the Willy Street Fair next weekend and look for us!

We’ll be on the 1000 block, peddling our wares.  I hope we see you there!

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Ta Da!

Door Table done

I made a table out of a door!  Woohoo!  It’s been sitting n my garage awaiting my attention for months.

Table from a door

We cut about 8 inches off of the bottom of the door.  It had a kick plate on it that was kind of nasty.  Also, it was too long for our dining room area so chopping it down was the way to go.  I painted the cut edge that green.  Because…green.  I don’t know why, I guess I liked it with the cherry color of the door.  Also, I love green.

Those pretty legs are from an old table that I took apart.  It had a damaged top .  Aren’t they shapely?

Door Table Brass hinges

Also, my husband asked me to take  hinges off.  At first I didn’t want to because they are charming and quirky but he wisely pointed out that they were also sticking up out of a table and we would probably hurt ourselves on them.  Excellent point.  Off they came.  Now I have cute brass hinges to play with.  I wonder what they will want to be.

Door Table doorknob

I left these as is.  There are two.

Door Table

Yay!  I broke it in with a bowl of coconut milk ice cream.

I realize that I love to make things into things they were not originally intended to be.  I recommend it highly.