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Indigo 101

Meet the stars of Indigo 101!


I’m getting my Indigo Classes ready to teach and I am having so much fun!

There are a few more techniques I want to prepare samples for but I wanted to share the basic idea.


I’m bring six Quilters Cotton Fat Quarters with finished edges for everyone to dye with.  A fat quarter is a rectangle of fabric that’s about 18″ X 22″, basically a quarter of a yard of fabric.

I don’t know why they’re called fat quarters but they are.  I hope they don’t mind being called fat, poor dears.  Anyhoo, I finished the edges in case you don’t want to sew with them.

They make lovely, generously sized (better than calling them fat, I’d say) napkins!


I’ll teach several kinds of Shibori.


Folding techniques


Tying techniques


Shape resists


I’ll have lots of marbles and strings


Pole wrapping


I am going to put together some stitched samples too.  They take time but they’re just so cool, I can’t skip them.

Then we’ll dunk everything into the indigo, which is a magical experience in itself. The class is going to be a blast.  I highly recommend signing up with a friend or two.  Dates and details here.

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  1. Hi

    Where is Parasdigm Gardens? How do I pay?

    1. Hi Jessica! Paradigm <--(clicky link) is on 51 and Pflaum - ish. Call them to register at (608) 241-3800. They are handling all the money. I can't wait!

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