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Painting Day

It’s been a while since I gave myself a painting day. It’s a great therapy. I bought some large Masonite boards at Home Depot a few weeks ago. Today, I finally took the time to paint them and had a blast.

First things first, I gessoed them.  Masonite tends to be slick and doesn’t really want to hold paint. I made one board white and one black because…just because.


I did take some process pictures of one of them.  Please forgive my angle, I took the pictures while my phone was charging and that’s as close as I could get to the painting while the phone was plugged in.  I decided that these painting would have several layers. Since the first layer isn’t going to show what it looks like just doesn’t matter. That was a very freeing decision.


I did dance and paint at the same time which was way fun.  I highly recommend Caravan Palace as dancing/painting music.IMG_5188

I turned the painting a few times as I went along, which gave me different perspectives.

Finally, my phone charged! TADA:


Layer one of painting one!!  I used warm colors so I didn’t have to worry about my colors turning to mud.  The green is actually yellow but, because I painted onto black, it looks green.

I may actually keep it as it, I love it. It’s mine so I get to change my mind about it all I want. 🙂


Here’s painting two.  I used cool colors plus yellow.  I did add a titch of reds at the end for fun.  I’m less in love with this one but that’s fine and dandy.  It’s layer one.

I did a lot of thinking about the messages I tell myself while making stuff.  I realized that many of the negative voices I hear are from my college years.  I have a degree in theatre from a very competitive college and had lots and lots of opportunities to have my flaws pointed out to me.  It’s a relief to define those voices them so I can let them go.


At this point I was having too much fun to stop so I grabbed an old painting – one I wasn’t super crazy about – and painted over it, using quilts as inspiration.  That way I used up my extra paint.  Working on this one was enough painting for one day.  I was ready to stop. I do like this painting way more now.


I used cheap ass paint and Spackle spreaders to make everything.  That plus the Masonite board costs…next to nothing.  Cheap therapy!

If you’re having a rough day and hearing those mean voices, making a HUGE painting can really set you right.  Really, one is enough. No need to make three paintings.  🙂


Whaddaya think?

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