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I woke up this morning thinking “I cannot make a single thing more until I clean up my mess!”  These pictures are just from my little nesting spots around the living room.  

                               Mess      Mess

                               Mess        Mess

Downstairs, where I’m supposed to be storing all my supplies, is a total disaster.  Then I sat down at the computer and now it’s well into afternoon I have barely touched a thing.  I did make some goofy signs just an an experiment, though.   

This is my daughter’s favorite saying…sigh…
This one is probably a bad influence for me today…since I’m doing nothing.

I don’t like my font choices on the program (that’s as big as they get) so Imma play around...after I clean.  Lucky for me, the weather outside is frightful.  Sooooooo…here I go.