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Disorganized Mess Of A Description

Hi. I’m back. I had Christmas with my family out of state and had a fabulous time. My amazing husband bought me the best gift ever! I am not exaggerating. Even though it has absolutely nothing to do with sewing or crafty goodness, I’m going to tell you about it so you can go buy it!! 
 It’s Building Stories by Chris Ware. I can’t really call it a book because it really isn’t. It’s a graphic novelly, cartoon strippy, bookesque collection…that’s a pretty bad description, actually.
Hmmm. Well, I’ll add a couple of pictures so you can see it.

This is the box it all came in. 

It’s several stories that build on each other, mostly about a woman living in Chicago. The stories are told in a variety of formats and from a variety of sources, including, but not limited to, a bee and a building. The description on Good Reads (follow that link on the book title above) is way better than mine. It’s incredible and I’m reading it slowly because I don’t want it to end. Even if you aren’t a comic book/graphic novel person you should buy it! NOW!! 

I like it so much I just typed out this disorganized mess of a description on my cell phone because I couldn’t wait till I get to the computer tomorrow to share in its awesomeness. 

4 thoughts on “Disorganized Mess Of A Description

  1. I do know a person who would quite like this. I’m going to share it with him. 😀 Thank you.

    1. Michelle, that’s fantastic! I love to be a book enabler!

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  3. This looks amazing.I love the idea of telling a story in ways beyond just words.

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