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Everything is Awesome!

Everything is cool when you’re part of a team.

Here’s my team member:


Also, I’m just in a great mood because I dyed twenty four (24!!) napkins today and they were almost all PERFECT!!

Those that weren’t perfect, didn’t really suck.  I also dyed several shirts.  I’M ON FIRE!!!

Actually, I’ve realized that it’s September and summer won’t last forever.  So I’m dyeing ALL THE THINGS!!  CAPSLOCK!!

Here’s a few pictures:

image2(17)These guys were all on the same pole.  The one on the right is still oxidizing.  Here they are later:


But, wait…there’s more:

image8(9)This is one of the one’s that didn’t work.  The really fully blue one with the tiny white spots, is not supposed to look like that.  I still like it.

image3(17)image4(18)image5(18)image7(10)That’s not all of them.  But I didn’t get all the pictures.  I didn’t have to.  I had all the fun!

Whaddaya think?

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