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I Do Love the Ponder

I made this necklace last week and wrote a whole blog post about it using my phone.  Then I deleted it by mistake and spent a shocked 30 seconds realizing the implications of phones not having “ctl z”.  
I don’t think I’ll use the phone to blog again.  
Anyhoo – Last week a friend and I ran a jewelery making workshop at the library.  The idea was to use old jewelry and hardware to make new creations but almost everybody skipped the hardware.  That’s my favorite part!  But, whatever works for people, works for people.  
I used to make and sell my jewelry but have gotten distracted by how many other really fun things there are to make in this world; it was a kick to make some again. 
In fact, the workshop was so popular that we all decided to do it again in January. It’s not up on the web site yet but when it is I’ll post a link.
Tomorrow, I am taking a screen printing class.  I’m supposed to bring in a simple image to use and have been pondering and pondering.  So much fun to do, I do love the ponder.  
So, today I think I’ll try to make something.  I’m tempted to pull out my ink stone and calligraphy brushes but I’m not sure how that’ll translate to screen print.  Then again, I’m all about the “only way to find out is to try it” theory.  
Yes, I feel it, the time to make a mess is upon me…again. 

2 thoughts on “I Do Love the Ponder

  1. Oooh cringing for you! Sometimes texting on a phone is too cumbersome for me, so I can’t imagine typing something significant and losing it. Love the necklace! Looks great. 🙂

  2. The necklace is great! I love the concept of you class! Screen printing is a lot of fun, and surprisingly, EASY! I think an image from calligraphy would turn out cool. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that you want your transfer to be opaque enough to respond to the photo emulsion. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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